Jordan Engineers Association Mobile App is one of a kind in providing interactive services to registered engineers and engineering students of all fields, saving you time and efforts to follow up all your transactions and inquiries on the move. Key features: • Inquire about financial claims • Electronic payment. • Profile updates. • Stay in touch with the Association. • Benefit from special offers • Stay informed of the latest news • Health insurance list

Umniah RBT

Aghanilak service allows the subscribers to enjoy their choice of music to be heard by the caller. The service allows mobile subscribers to replace their standard call connecting tone with a choice of Arabic or English songs, Islamic duaa, and much more Putting in your hand this application to provide a wide range of selected tones to select your choice and assign it to be your ring back tone.

Quiz Shabab

It is a free application for all Jordanian university students; which provides different services such as books exchange, local and university news, students advice giving and experiences passing in addition to training opportunities, scholarships volunteering and participating in civil society. Adding to that, the ability to have graduation projects funding and many other interesting contexts and awards.


Real-time GPS tracking system is a convenient system that can be accessed through your mobile application. The difficulty of managing school bus timings vanishes by using e-school bus monitoring system with assured safety alerts Track your own Kid School bus yourself, It is so easy and it helps parents to track their Children School bus


This application is concerned with selling and buying ads for all types of items, real estates, old and new cars. It aims to provide this service to all Iraqi Governorates and covers Arab World region.

My Recipes Guide

My recipes guide offers unique recipes from all around the world, easily organized recipes by cuisine and course. Share some recipes with family and friends, yet keep some of them to yourself. Schedule meals using the recipe calendar, and add items to your shopping list before going to the store. Compile a recipe album of your favorite food. Features: - Search the recipes and find something you like - Scaling Assistant, full Metric & Standard support - Grocery Lists - Meal Planning - Smart Measurement conversions - Ingredient Substitutions - Tips

Dijlah Cars

Application Concerned with selling and buying ads for all new and old cars, companies and organizations commercial ads for private and public sectors, in addition to interested individuals in cars trade. It aims to provide a quality service in cars trade for both dealers and regular buyers and sellers who would want to advertise for their cars from all over Iraq and the whole Arab World region.

Expert Messages

Expert messages is the ultimate secure messaging app providing private texting This app allows people to communicate in private without using a 3rd party servers or services. Regular SMS are delivered across unprotected phone networks and can be intercepted without your knowledge. Expert messages use encrypted data connection to transmit messages.

World Cup 2014

The only application that contains all world cup history, it is easy to use and you can quickly access the most needed data . Follow your personal favorite team during the soccer world cup in Brazil. Features: - history of all previous world cup - schedule of all matches in World Cup 2014 Brazil championship - information of qualified teams, top scorers, table, groups, formation ... - real time update of match results, scores - news, albums, videos - push notifications - auto convert match times to your phone configured time zone - statistics, stadiums

Jordan Elections 2016

The is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom of Jordan by serving a slice of voters and candidates alike are neutral does not reflect the opinion of any party or political movement or non-political exist in Jordan or outside Jordan. The aim is a statistician and propaganda to serve the candidates and voters and provide them with information on the election news, photographs and electoral programs and statistics as they are received from official and media sources. Entikhabat 2016 provides voters a quick, easy and transparent way to choose their representatives in the next parliament impartially free from political patronage and social pressures. Allowing voters to choose their candidate next objectively based on efficiency and transparency. Entikhabat 2016 contains the default voting and is not a formal vote edge, but helps to know the percentage of the vote for the candidates, according to preliminary views of the users of the system which displays statistics and ratios help the candidate to work the necessary adjustments to improve the ad campaign and reach the largest possible segment of the electorate.


Live scores and push notifications, opinion polls and video highlights for more than 20 football leagues and cups around the world. As well as being a live score app known and loved internationally. Sign in and personalize the App to get alerts about scores and news from all of your favorite teams and leagues.

Kids Allowed

Preschool enables parents, students, teachers and administrators to quickly access the resources, tools, news and information to stay connected and informed! It also enable parents to track their using Bus Tracking feature, and stay up to date with the Daily Reports feature. School events can be streamed live through the App. Other Features: Important news and announcements Teacher notifications Interactive resources including event calendars, chat, schedules and more Quick access to online and social media resources


Jordan Neuro Spine Center helps thousands of patients with conditions of the back and neck, ranging from the most common to the most complex. Whether your goal is to get back to sports, work, hobbies or just enjoying life, the specialists at the Jordan Neuro Spine Center can help. Also the application gives the ability for patients to interact with Dr. Mohammad Jamous (center owner) for consultation purposes, also the application includes a videos section that helps patients to train to feel more comfortable.

Smart Home

Smart Home is the a full featured HomeKit app which supports all (Lights, Water Pumps, AC, Security Doors, ...). Through this app, you can monitor and control your home accessories from different manufacturers


One of the Third circle elections lists which believed in the importance of work to accomplish the state of justice and the rule of law

Sign Language

The Sign Language APP is all about teaching you conversational ASL. Packed with 800+ signs and phrases, easy navigation and features, The ASL App is designed to make learning easy, accessible, and fun. It also has a Text To Speach feature that converts text to voice to guide the user for the correct spelling.